Welcome to the new
Dad’s Songbook Music Website!

Here you’ll find the music of Paul Svenson and friends. Look around - we have music clips, video clips, downloadable songs, a brand new store, calendar of events and much more! We are committed to keeping this site fresh and interesting with the occasional blog, events and causes of interest, new songs, etc. Bookmark us and check back often.

After years of a neglected and hastily assembled website, I’ve built a new site from the ground up. Hopefully it will be more user-friendly for folks. I’ve also hosted it at GoDaddy instead of MobilleMe which means that those of you who are on Windows machines and don’t normally have Quicktime in your system, won’t be forced to download it to hear music on this site. This site is also optimized for use with iPhones and other mobile devices.

Be sure and go to the video page to see my brand new video presentation of the
Russians Gonna Get Me.

You can also find me on Facebook - Paul Svenson, and on YouTube
as FolkDad (click the links below)

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You keep on!

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